FAQs for Student

Q?How fast can I get a tutor?

In general, you will get a reply within 1 working day. We will then arrange a perfect tutor for your child at the soonest possible. Please make an online enquiry.

Q?Are there any lock-in contracts or hidden fees?

No. You only need to pay for your tuition fees. The other services are all free.

Q?Can I request for a change of tutor if I find he or she is not suitable?

Yes. Please inform us to arrange for a change of tutor. Call us make an online enquiry.

Q?How can I get a tutor from you?

Simply click here: Student Enquiry Form to send us your request. We will contact you to assist you further.

Q?How do you select your tutors?

Upon receiving a job application, we would do an initial screening on the academic qualifications and experience of the potential tutor. If they pass the first round, they would be invited for another interview. We would then evaluate the candidate’s communication skills. The quality of tutors is assured.

Q?How is the tuition time scheduled?

The time is scheduled based on the availabilities of both student and tutor.

Q?I can’t find my subjects on MTC, can I still make a request?

No worries. We will still find a tutor for you that best matches your child from our database. Feel free to make an online enquiry here: Tutor Enquiry Form

Q?If I have concerns, who do I contact?

Make an online enquiry.

Q?What is the price?

We have three different levels of tutoring services, based on the qualifications of tutors. Please click here: Tuition Fee to view the tuition fees.

Q?What is the process of getting a tutor?

After you make your request, immediately, we will look for the best tutor based on your child’s needs. We will contact you again for further information.

Q?Which areas do you provide tuition in?

We have a large database of qualified tutors all around Malaysia. Our tutors can go to anywhere in the country.

Q?How to request a tutor?

You can request a home tutor either by simply filling up the online request form here: Tutor Enquiry Form. It is a free-of-charge tuition request services.

Q?How we can be of help?

Our coordinator will contact you within 1 working day upon receiving your request. Based on the information you filled in the request form, suitable tutor(s) will be recommended that tailors to your requirements. The details of the tuition will be discussed over the call and an email confirmation will be sent once the details are finalized.

Q?Will it be safe to provide the personal information online?

Rest assured that keeping your information safe online is our top priority. All personal information will be kept confidentially and securely. We will seek for your approval for the use of your particulars.

Q?How much is the tuition commission?

It is all free.

Q?How do I make payment of the tuition fees?

Q?Are your tutors reliable?

MTC exercises due diligence to ensure that tutors’ qualifications are validated and personal details are authenticated by checking uploaded certificates and NRIC. We also conduct phone interview on many of our premium tutors to ensure that their work ethics is in line with ours and that they are able to communicate well. That said, we do not claim that 100% of our tutors are perfect moral guardians or world class educators. We do our best to uphold the quality of tutors that we recommend.

After 2 weeks of tuition, our consultant will contact you to find out the progress of tuition thus far and your feedback about the tutor. That is how we know more about our tutors as well.

Q?Can I change my tutor?

Yes, you have every right to request for a change of tutor in the event that the assigned tutor is found to be unsuitable. However, payment for the number of tuition sessions prior to termination has to be made.

If the tutor is found to have behaved with misconduct, he/she will be removed from our database of tutors entirely and we will assign you with another tutor without extra charge.

Q?Where and when is tuitions conducted?

It is totally up to you. It can be at your house, office or hostel. We have a tutor database spanning more than 600 qualified tutors and tutors who stay near your requested location will be assigned. You can choose the time, date and schedule of tuition as well.

Q?How much is the tuition fees?

It varies for different levels of tuition and qualifications of tutors. Please refer to our tuition rate for more information here: Tuition Fee

Q?Can I cancel the tuition?

We strongly discourage you from cancelling tuition (before 1st lesson) after confirmation. Otherwise, an administrative fee equivalent to a portion of the tuition fees will be charged. We seek your understanding on this as we devote our utmost effort in looking for the best tutor based on your requirements.

Q?What is the duration or frequency of tuition lesson? Any minimum lessons?

You are free to indicate in our request form or via phonecall how many times per week and for how long you would like to have the tuition lesson. The minimum is 1.5 hours once per week. In the interest of our tutors who have to travel to your place, we apologize that we are not able to provide 1 hour tuition lessons.

Q?Can I have and interview with the recommended tutor(s) or have a trial lesson with them?

Yes, we understand you are in for the long term and we can arrange for phone interview with the tutor so that you are assured of their suitability. A paid trial lesson can be arranged upon request as well. However, we regret that a physical interview is beyond our purview.


1) MTC is an organization for tutor matching services only and is not responsible for the services provided by tutors. Each tutor is solely responsible in offering tuition fees, arranging tutorial lessons, paying all taxes on income earned and all other issues and responsibilities related to tutoring.

2) MTC will not act as an arbitrator or mediator for any conflicts or disagreements that arise between the tutor and the student. However, we are always prepared to offer our views and suggestions.

3) MTC reserves the right to add, modify or delete any information on this website at any time without notice.

4) Tutors are solely responsible for the information provided to MTC. MTC shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, fraud, or inaccuracies of information provided by tutors.

5) Please ensure that you have read through all the terms and condition before you proceed. By request a tutor from MTC, we assumed you have read and agreed to the terms.