Find a Suitable Tuition Teacher for UPSR Subjects

The UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah); a Primary School Evaluation Test in Malaysia is a national examination taken at the end of a student’s primary education. UPSR is seen as an important exam with the goal of assessing students’ academic progress for their corresponding level of primary education. UPSR is often referred as a qualification for students to enter their preferred secondary school especially those ‘academically-elite’ secondary schools commonly known as Premier Secondary Schools.

Hence, it is crucial for Malaysian students to score A in their UPSR subjects which act as an important academic base for them to get prepared for their secondary academic learning. MTC is dedicated to help UPSR students to build and enhance their academic base through our professional tutor matching services. We will help your children to find a suitable tuition teacher for UPSR Subject. Find a UPSR private tutor for your child with MTC here: Request Form

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