A Good STPM Malaysia A-Level Tutors

The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), being a pre-university study and equivalent to the A-Level, is the last public examination at the secondary school level. Other available pre-university studies in Malaysia include the Matriculation, Foundation Study and A-Level which are conducted at a college or university. STPM is an option to stay in local university (IPTA) and it is the only way to get into IPTA other than local matriculation. IPTA refers to Malaysia local universities which are also a much more affordable option.

Futhermore STPM is globally recognized and with good results, you can further your studies in overseas and with excellent results you may even get scholarships. Many often said STPM is the toughest examination in the world and practically, one and a half year for everything in STPM is not enough. Hence, students are required to distribute their time well and tuition is an option to brush up their STPM preparation from the beginning of Lower Six. How we can find a good STPM Malaysia A-Level tutors? You may find a STPM private tutor with MTC here: Request Form

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