Tuition Fee Guidelines

Malaysia Tuition Fee

MTC have list the Malaysia tuition fees for hourly home tuition or private tuition rate based on tutor’s qualification and experiences. For your information, the actual fee may vary accordingly due to parent requirements, tuition location accessibility, tutor’s experience level, number of subjects to be taught in each lesson and etc. Therefore, the rates shown are only serve as a guidelines. MTC do not determine the tuition fee. It’s the tutor who offer the rate.

However, MTC will help you to find the best matched tutors with the most closely matched budget among our 8,000 tutors in Malaysia. As a parent, you do not need to spend your time searching the tutors for your children within our database or other online tutor portal, you only need to answer 4 easy questions to get matched with the right tutor for your children at MTC.

Table for Malaysia Tuition Rates

General TutorsSpecialist TutorsPremium Tutors
Experience Having at least 1-3 years of tutoring experience With more than 5 years of teaching experience Accumulating for at least 7 years of tutoring/teaching experience
EducationUniversity students or newly-employed working professionalsPostgraduate students who have excelled in their studies or full time tutorsQualified practicing teachers or highly capable working professionals
Kindergarten RM20-40/hour RM30-50/hour RM40-60/hour
Standard 1-3 RM28-40/hour RM30-46/hour RM40-62/hour
Standard 4-5 RM30-46/hour RM32-52/hour RM41-68/hour
UPSR RM32-52/hour RM35-60/hour RM45-75/hour
PMR RM35-58/hour RM38-64/hour RM46-80/hour
SPM RM38-64/hour RM41-70/hour RM49-86/hour
STPM RM41-70/hour RM44-76/hour RM52-92/hour
Cambridge IGCSE RM40-60/hour RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour
Cambridge O Level RM40-60/hour RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour
Cambridge International A Levels RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
South Australian Matriculation RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
Australian Matriculation Programme RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
New South Wales Higher School Certificate RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
Canadian International Matriculation Programme RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
American Degree Transfer Programme RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hour RM120-150/hour
University RM100-120/hour RM120-150/hour RM150-200/hour