100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We place great importance on your satisfaction. Our MTC’s database tries to provide you the closest match to what you’re looking for and we pride ourselves in doing our best to offer you an extensive range of Malaysia qualified tutors, at your convenience. There is no obligation to confirm any tutor and we will not force you to take up any home tutor. We pride ourselves in doing it right so you see improvement in your children’s results.


100% Malaysia Qualified Tutors

We serve parents and students by providing sound and accurate advice from a down-to-earth perspective. We carry out extensive recruitment screening and all tutors must be qualified to degree equivalence. MTC’s registered tutors consist of qualified local teachers, lecturers and professional persons. Our tutors are continuously monitored and work to our MTC guidelines. Your child’s success is important to us and we look forward to assisting you in achieving your child’s goals.


Professional Enquiries and Services

MTC consultants are available outside of normal working hours. You will always be able to speak to the same person. We deal promptly on all enquiries through telephone calls, messages and e-mails. When an introduction has been made and accepted, we confirm the arrangements in writing via email with both the parents/student and the tutor.


Personalized Matching and Tailored Lessons

MTC consistently gathers feedback about the tutors so that you can better understand their strengths and specializations as well as their teaching methods. Different tutors have different teaching styles and we give you the choice to choose what you think will make the most difference to your child’s education. Further, our tutors tailor their lessons according to the needs and requirements of the student and to their courses. You can also view the testimonials from parents who have optimized our tutor matching services and gained great benefits.


MTC Support

We provide continual support for both our students and tutors. Send us your enquiry at: Tutor Request Form to learn how we can help your child reach his/her academic goals by designing a personalized learning plan.

For tutors, welcome to register with us at: Register as Tutor to join our tutoring family at MTC!

We look forward with confident anticipation to a successful relationship with both students and tutors!

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