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Malaysia Tutors Consultancy (MTC) A Professional Education Consultant

Malaysia Tutors Consultancy (MTC) A Professional Education Consultant

Malaysia Tutors Consultancy (MTC)
A Professional Education Consultant

Malaysia Tutors Consultancy (MTC) is an organization that provides personalized education consultation and tutor matching service for students who require private home tuition. MTC is in the best position to help students with our professional tutors that are carefully selected based on their experience, specialization and teaching styles. Our one-to-one tutoring is performed by experienced tutors and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual student.

We recognized that one-to-one tutoring helps build confidence and motivates the student to ask questions they would not normally ask in front of their peers. At MTC, it’s not just about finding the best home tutor but also the right tutor that will fit your requirements as well as your child’s learning style.


MTC provides effective, personalized tutoring for students who need academic support and want to excel. Being one of the experienced tutoring services in Malaysia, MTC is dedicated to building up and improving the learning outcomes for all students. Our organization works closely with students and parents to understand their learning needs in every aspect. We strive to provide professional tutors that are tailored to match each student’s learning style.

All MTC tutors are qualified and experienced. Our tutors have been carefully vetted and they are qualified working teachers, semi-retired teachers or, as a bare minimum, are qualified university graduates or the equivalent, with evidence of teaching/training experience. Having a dedicated team of quality tutors, we make great effort to deliver measurable improvements to the students’ academic results, to overcome students’ learning barriers and to develop a positive impact on their learning opportunities.

At MTC, our profiles invite tutors to declare:

  • Qualifications and Experiences
  • Personal approach to tutoring
  • Availability (day, evening or weekend)

Please bear in mind that all the information included on tutor profiles is self-declared. If you require confirmation, or have any doubts regarding the truth of tutor’s claims, do not hesitate to ask for proof during the first lesson as a matter of course.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or any of your concerns without obligation. Our aim is to make MTC works for you and be as helpful and flexible as possible. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to find a matching tutor at no charge to you. Yes, this service is provided to you FREE. Send in your enquiry here: Tutor Request Form

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    what tutors we offer

    1. All levels, ages and abilities for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools subjects.

    2. UPSR / PMR / STPM / A-LEVELS / PRE-U test preparations.

    3. Entrance Exams, College, Degree and Universities subjects.

    4. Learning Skills Development and Enrichment Courses.

    5. Adult Learning and Professional Courses.

    6. Personal Interest: Languages, Music, Swimming, Drawing, Culinary Art etc.

    7. FREE consultation, information and advice.

    8. Past year exam papers from schools.